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Cottage & Home Watch Property Patrol Services

Wind cloud

Have you ever left your cottage or home for an extended period of time and wondered,.........


What if someone breaks in?

What if a storm comes and a tree falls on the roof?

What if high winds come up and windows get broken?

What if animals get in?

How would I know?

It is a common thought for most people the “what if’s” while you’re away!

Winter Cabin 

Severn Cottage Services Inc. provides you with "PEACE OF MIND PROPERTY PATROL SERVICES" while you’re not able to be there!

Whether you are closing up the cottage for the winter, in between weekends & holidays at the cottage or you are going on an extended vacation from your home we can conduct daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly comprehensive PATROL of your cottage or home.

Or we can customize a PROPERTY PATROL package that suits your needs!


Insurance Documents

Have you met your insurance requirements?

If you are not sure, we recommend that you contact your insurance broker and ask about your coverage while you are away from your home and cottage?

Click on the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario for more information.

Fully Insured & Bonded

Severn Cottage Services Inc. provides a comprehensive electronic Report for each patrol of your cottage and/or home as proof that your cottage or home has been inspected in your absence!

At Severn Cottage Services Inc. we have been providing Property Patrol Services since 1990 and have developed our own unique electronic “PATROL REPORTING SYSTEM” (PRS) that is filled out on site and available to you within seconds of completing the Patrol Checklist via a 3G signal.

To find out more about our electronic Patrol Reporting System please click here  Read More 


Our Basic Patrols cover:

  • Exterior checks of all buildings
  • Break and enter / Vandalism
  • Weather Damage
  • Signs of Animal Intrusions

Interior checks include the above plus:

  • Water Damage caused from frozen pipes
  • Appliance Failure
  • Weather damage
  • Animal or rodent damage
  • Electrical Failures
  • Recording room temperatures

The Patrol Checklist is endless and can be customized to suit your needs.


Severn Cottage Services inc. will:

  • Contact you immediately and provide you with full details
  • Photograph and document the issue for you and attach them to your PRS report.
  • Notify the proper authorities and/or the O.P.P. if required - We will remain on site to act as your liaison with O.P.P., your insurance company or any other required services.
  • If you are not available we will take immediate action on your behalf to minimize any further damage



We can give you "PEACE OF MIND" while you're away with our Cottage & Home Watch Service! We Provide Superior Cleaning for Cottages and Homes within the areas we cover! Let us help make your cottage renting experience hassle free! Click here for inspection reports.