How much is Cottage and Home Watch Property Patrol Services going to cost me?

Pricing is based on the amount of Patrols you would like, the accessibility to your property, the type of Patrol and the term you choose.

You plan to trust us with one of your most valuable assets, we believe that money is secondary to the vital service we provide! If you plan to leave us your keys, walk away and trust us to watch over your property we should get to know each other and make sure that the service we provide is suited for your needs and we need to know what you would like us to do above and beyond our standard Patrols! Then we can discuss the best price that is suited for your property.

Contact us for a FREE quote and we can visit your property and prepare a Patrol Package that is tailored to your needs. We can only guess over the phone and therefore prefer to make a site visit to enable us to give a more accurate quote.

How often do you perform Patrols?

The frequency of the Patrols is determined by you. We have Patrol packages that range from weekly or bi-weekly and as often as 10 times per month. The Patrols are based on your preference and also dictated by your insurance requirements.

I already have an alarm system why would I need a Patrol service?

Alarm systems are great and we encourage all of our customers, neighbours and friends to install an alarm monitoring system but, alarm systems are just that a "monitoring system" and not able to tell if animals have gotten into your buildings or chewed a hole in your wall to gain access to your home or cottage. If a tree hits your roof or smashes a window and left unattended can cause huge damages not only from weather but we have seen over the years the animal damage is just as devastating! Most people don't realize that break and enter is not the leading cause of damage! The leading insurance claim is animal and weather damage!

We recommend that even if you have an alarm system installed that you have a Patrol performed at your home or cottage at least once if you're on vacation or a minimum of bi-weekly through the winter. 

A lot can happen in 1 week!

Do you provide Alarm Callout Service?

Yes, if you have an alarm system we can be on call in the event that the alarm is triggered and can report to you on the status of the property!

Do I need Cottage or Home Watch Property Patrol Services?

Most insurance companies require cottages and homes that are to be left unattended be inspected on a regular basis. On top of this your mind will be at ease knowing that Severn Cottage Services is Patrolling your property at regular random intervals.

What makes your PROPERTY PATROL SERVICES different than other companies?

We use state of the art technology to report on the status of the Property to the owner while they are away. We use QRS Home Watch Reporting Software built by Quick Report Systems Inc.

Each Cottage & Home Watch Property Patrol is documented by an electronic Property Patrol Report. This report is generated during the Patrol and is provided to the owner immediately after each patrol is completed to supply the owner with the status of their property at the time of the visit.

 An SCSI Patrol Reporter arrives at your home or cottage to perform a complete Patrol of the property. There is a QR code posted at the property. The Reporter uses a smart phone or tablet with 3G signal and scans the QR code. The reporter logs in to access the your site specific checklist. When the reporter logs in this automatically records the date, time & GPS position as proof that we have been to your property. The reporter completes the property patrol while filling in the pre set list of questions created by the owner & Severn Cottage Services Inc. representative custom to each property that may or may not include photos and comments. When the patrol has been completed and the reporter hits submit this then sends an e-mail to the Admin at Severn Cottage Services. This lets them know that the reporter has completed the patrol. The Admin will then forward the report to the your secure dashboard. You will receive an automated email notifying you to log into your dashboard from any where in the world to access all of your reports.

If you would like more information on our Patrol Reporting System just click this

How do I know you have been to our property for each Patrol?

Our electronic Patrol Reporting System built by Quick Report Systems Inc. provides evidence to you and your insurance company that we’ve been to your property by automatically recording the date and time and the GPS position of  the reporter at the time of the report as proof that we are at your property. 

Do you have group rates?

Yes! We have a discount rate for 5 or more cottages provided they are on the same cottage road.

How do I pay for Cottage and Home Watch Property Patrol Services?

We submit an invoice to you monthly and each invoice must be paid 1 month in advance of each inspection. You can pay by cheque, money order, Pay-Pal,  e-transfer or credit card.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we require each of our clients to sign a contract. This is to benefit both of us so we agree on the terms and pricing, ensure that we clearly understand what you expect from us and what we are going to provide to you! We still believe in a handshake being a man's word but like to back that up with an agreement to ensure we have a long beneficial relationship and no misunderstandings!

Is Cottage and Home Watch Property Patrol Services limited to the winter?

No! You can arrange to have seasonal or year round Patrols or just in the off seasons! We can custom tailor a Patrol program that suits your needs and budget.

Is Cottage and Home Watch Property Patrol Services limited to cottages?

No, we provide Home Patrol Services for short term vacationers, Snowbirds travelling south for the winter, vacant properties and businesses in the area.

Do your services cover watering plants?

Yes we can water your plants while you're away and we can provide a cleaning service for you as well.

Will my keys be secure if left with Severn Cottage Services?

Yes! Your keys will be locked in a safe when not required. The keys will only be used on the day(s) of your inspections and returned to our safe if they are not left at your cottage in a lock box.

Will my privacy be respected?

Yes! Your personal information will be kept confidential. We do not share any of our customers personal information.

Is Severn Cottage Services Insured and Bonded?

Yes! We are fully insured and bonded.

My cottage is not on a year round road, do you still provide Cottage Watch?

Yes definitely! We are accustomed to accessing remote properties either water access or by un assumed roads. We provide our own transportation for any of our services including boats, ATV's, snowmobiles, snow scoot and 4 x 4 vehicles.


We can give you "PEACE OF MIND" while you're away with our Cottage & Home Watch Service! We Provide Superior Cleaning for Cottages and Homes within the areas we cover! Let us help make your cottage renting experience hassle free! Click here for inspection reports.