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Severn Cottage Services provides Cottage Rental Services to people who are presently renting

their cottage or to people who are interested in renting their cottage.

Cottage Burden

Do  you already rent your cottage?

Do you find it hard to clean, inspect and prepare for the next paying guests?

Do you feel it’s a burden to have to be there every week to ensure the cottage is ready for the next renters?

If something goes wrong at the cottage do you find it hard to drop everything, organize for a contractor or service technician to go to the cottage and then ensure the work gets done or the problem fixed?


Let us help make your cottage renting experience hassle free!  

Are you interested in Renting your Cottage?

Are you afraid of the problems associated with renting , bad renters, organizing the times, cleaning up

after the cottagers, trying to be there if there is a problem?

Rental Income 





Severn Cottage Services provides the following to help you with your cottage rental:

  • We will evaluate your cottage and recommend what you should provide.
  • We will do a thorough inspection of your cottage and provide a checklist of items in your cottage
  • We can provide & manage the cleaning services.
  • We will perform inspections after the renters have left your cottage and check to ensure your cottage is left the same as it was prior to renting. This is to ensure the cottage is ready for the next renters.
  • We will provide you with a weekly report on the status of the cottage.
  • We can be the contact for the renters on your behalf  in the case there is a problem.
  • We can act on your behalf if there is a problem to organize the required service i.e. plumber, electrician, etc...
  • To repair the problem so your renters get the enjoyment they are paying for with as little interruption as possible.

Family Owned

Shaking Hands

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We can give you "PEACE OF MIND" while you're away with our Cottage & Home Watch Service! We Provide Superior Cleaning for Cottages and Homes within the areas we cover! Let us help make your cottage renting experience hassle free! Click here for inspection reports.