How much is the Cottage Rental Service going to cost me?

Pricing is based on a percentage of your weekly cottage rental fee.

Does the percentage of the rental include Cleaning Services?

No, the cleaning is an additional charge.

Does the percentage of the rental include the inspection between renters?

No, the flip inspection between renters is an additional charge.

Can Severn Cottage Services provide cottage cleaning between renters?

Yes, we can provide the cleaning service for you as part of our package. We can also provide Spring & Fall Cleaning.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we require each of our clients to sign a contract. This is to benefit both of us so we agree on the terms and pricing, ensure that we clearly understand what you expect from us and what we are going to provide to you! We still believe in a handshake being a person’s word but like to back that up with an agreement to ensure we have a long beneficial relationship and no misunderstandings!

Is the Cottage Rental Services seasonal?

No! We offer this service year round!

Do you meet and greet the renters when they arrive?

Normally we only do the inspection after the renters leave, fill out our report, ensure the cottage is clean and ready for the next renters. On special occasions we will meet the renters if required.

How do we let in the renters?

Depending on the type of locks you have we normally have keys either locked to a door lock key pad that we give the renters the combination to or if you have a door with a key pad and combination then we will leave the keys inside the cottage and give the renters the code. We will change the code weekly and have a new code for each new renter.

Will my keys be secure if left with Severn Cottage Services?

Yes! Your keys will be locked in a safe when not required. The keys will only be used on the day(s) of our inspections and returned to our safe. When the job is completed we will return your keys.

Will my privacy be respected?

Yes! Your personal information will be kept in an encrypted file. We do not share any of our customers personal information.

Is Severn Cottage Services Insured and Bonded?

Yes! We are fully insured and bonded.

My cottage is not on a year round road, do you still provide Cottage Rental Services?

Yes definitely! We are accustomed to accessing remote properties either water access or by un assumed roads. We provide our own transportation for any of our services including boats, ATV's, snowmobiles and 4 x 4 vehicles.

How do I receive my post renters inspection reports?

Severn Cottage Services Inc. has developed a unique electronic reporting system, that is generated on site and notifies you immediately after the inspection is competed by e-mail. You can then log into our web site and review your inspection report. Ask us for more details on this and we can give you a demo!

What if there is a problem at the cottage when the renters are there?

Severn Cottage Services will be the focal point during the rental period, we take care of any problems on your behalf. If there is an issue or a problem with the plumbing, electrical or other cottage related issues then we will evaluate the problem organise the service required and ensure it gets done in a timely manner!

Who collects the money for the rent?

If you have not already taken care of this we can act on your behalf and arrange to collect the rent cheque and deposit cheques and then forward them to you.

How do we pay for any additional services or repairs that need to be done?

If a repair is required while a renter is at your cottage we will organise on your behalf the type of service required, ensure the work gets done and then obtain a bill from the contractor and forward to you by the method of your choice. If the contractor requires immediate payment then we will pay on your behalf and then send you the bill for re imbursement.

What if we have renters that are loud or causing problems for our neighbours?

Severn cottage Services will take care of any problems related to renters. Initially we will visit the cottage and explain the problem to the renter and ask for their cooperation, if this approach doesn’t work then we will call in the O.P.P. as a ultimate last resort. Again Severn Cottage Services will handle this type of problem on your behalf.

Do you advertise our cottage?


We have our own rental web site at that lists all of the current cottages we manage. We also manage our clients listings on other web sites such as VRBO, Home Away, AirBnB, Cottages in Canada and more.

Our cottage is water access do you bring the cottagers in to our cottage and bring them back?

No sorry our insurance does not cover us to transport rental guests on any of our vessels.

What is involved in Rental Service you provide?

  • We will evaluate your cottage and recommend what you should provide.
  • We will do a thorough inspection of your cottage and provide a checklist of items in your cottage
  • We can provide & manage the cleaning services.
  • We will perform inspections after the renters have left your cottage and check to ensure your cottage is left the same as it was prior to renting. This is to ensure the cottage is ready for the next renters.
  • We will provide you with a weekly report on the status of the cottage.
  • We can be the contact for the renters on your behalf in the case there is a problem.
  • We can act on your behalf if there is a problem to organize the required service i.e. plumber, electrician, etc... to repair the problem so your renters get the enjoyment they are paying for with as little interruption as possible.

My cottage is water access only, if we have a problem how do I get the contractor, his tools and personnel to our cottage?

No problem, we have our own boats that are fully insured to carry 3rd party contractors and equipment, we have 1 that is 22ft and the second is 26ft with a drop gate so we are more than capable of carrying their equipment and supplies.

Can Severn Cottage Services provide services other than Cottage Rental Services?

Yes Definitely! To complement our Cottage Rental Services we provide Cottage & Home Watch, Cottage & Home Cleaning and Other Services by request! 

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 percentage of the rental
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