Cottage & Home Liaison Services - FAQ

Pricing is based on an hourly rate, the accessibility to your property and the length of time we are required to be at your cottage or home. The hourly rate declines the longer we are required to stay at the site Contact us for a FREE quote and we can visit your property and prepare a package that is tailored to your needs. We can only guess over the phone and therefore prefer to make a site visit to enable us to give a more accurate quote.

How do I pay for Cottage and Home Liaison Service?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or personal cheques.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we require each of our clients to sign a contract. This is to benefit both of us so we agree on the terms and pricing, ensure that we clearly understand what you expect from us and what we are going to provide to you! We still believe in a handshake being a person’s word but like to back that up with an agreement to ensure we have a long beneficial relationship and no misunderstandings!

Is Cottage and Home Liaison Services seasonal?

No! We offer this service year round!

Will my keys be secure if left with Severn Cottage Services?

Yes! Your keys will be locked in a safe when not required. The keys will only be used on the day(s) of your inspections and returned to our safe. When the job is completed we will return your keys.

Will my privacy be respected?

Yes! Your personal information will be kept in an encrypted file. We do not share any of our customers personal information.

Is Severn Cottage Services Insured and Bonded?

Yes! We are fully insured and bonded.

My cottage is not on a year round road, do you still provide Cottage & Home Liaison Services?

Yes definitely! We are accustomed to accessing remote properties either water access or by un assumed roads. We provide our own transportation for any of our services including boats, ATV's, snowmobiles and 4 x 4 vehicles.

How do I know if the job has been completed?

Depending on the type of job and the length of the project we will provide you with a daily update including pictures if required. If it is just a short job ½ to 1 full day we will provide you with a post job report when the job is completed.

How do I receive my inspection reports?

At anytime and from anywhere in the world you log into your secure personal file on our web site and view the report either daily or at the end of the job. You can print this report or keep it electronically. We can also provide you with the same reports as mentioned above and sent to you by mail, fax or e-mail.

I’m having a renovation project done but I’m not able to be there to supervise and ensure the work gets done?

Severn Cottage Services can custom tailor a package that fills in the gaps when you’re not able to be there! We have several options based on your needs and budget. We can visit the project for the full day each day when you’re not able to be there, provide spot inspections randomly either 1 time per day, 2 times per day or the amount you choose. We can drop by weekly, or every other day, this is entirely up to you how we structure the times and amounts of visits.

What happens if the contractors are late or don’t show up?

If you provide us with the contractors information we can follow up with them and find out why they’re not on site, get a detailed report and pass this on to you. We can either reschedule the job or make alternate plans as per your request.

I have a project ongoing now and have been called away, how can Severn Cottage Services help?

We can take over for the time you need to be away and keep you updated with a schedule that you decide. I live in the city and have scheduled a plumber to repair our water pump in the lake at the cottage, I’m not able to drive up from the city and meet him for just 1 hours work?

This is why we started the Liaison Service. We have many friends and neighbours in the same situation! We live on the water year round and know that the cost for you to drive all the way up from the city to let a plumber in for 1 hour of work is time consuming and not very cost affective, let alone tie up your valuable time. Your time is limited, if you have to take the time off work or away from your family it’s not worth it! We can meet the plumber, let him into your cottage or home, ensure the work is completed as agreed, take pictures if required and then send you a post job report before the end of the day! When you come up for your weekend or vacation the worry of whether the job was done in your absence is gone and you can relax and enjoy your free time and family as it should be!

I’m a home owner and I’m not able to meet a service technician to let them into my home?

Same as the cottager above, we know your time is valuable and limited, we will meet the technician at your home, let them in to perform their job, monitor the progress of the job, take pictures if required and fill out a detailed report on your behalf. We then secure your property before leaving and then forward to you the post job report.

What is involved in the Liaison Service?

  • We will get directions to your cottage or home
  • We will get the details for the job when we visit you at your cottage or home
  • Pick up the keys and get your alarm code if required
  • We will review the job scope with you and document how the job is to be completed, materials to be used and any other information or special request you may have
  • We will get the technicians contact information.
  • We will contact the contractor and introduce ourselves and explain our job scope with them and arrange to meet with the technician to let them in to perform their work at a time that is convenient to them and to your schedule.
  • We will keep details of the job for the post report
  • Take pictures as required.
  • When the job is completed secure your cottage or home.
  • At the end of the job provide you with a post job report.
  • We will make arrangements to meet with you to return your keys at a time that is convenient to you.

My cottage is water access only, how do I get the contractor, his tools and personnel to my cottage?

No problem, we have our own boats that are fully insured to carry 3rd party contractors and equipment, we have 1 that is 22ft with a drop gate and the second is 26ft with a drop gate so we are more than capable of carrying their equipment and supplies.

Can Severn Cottage Services provide services other than Cottage & Home Watch?

Yes Definitely! To complement our Cottage and Home Liaison Service we provide Cottage and Home Watch, Cottage and Home Cleaning, Cottage Rental Services and Other Services by request! We can be there in your absence.If you don`t find the question or answer you are looking for please contact us anytime!

We are accustomed to accessing remote properties either water access or by un assumed roads. We provide our own transportation for any of our services including boats, ATV's, snowmobiles and 4 x 4 vehicles.


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